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Hoover Carpet Steam Cleaner Review

For quite some time now I've been meaning to clean my carpet. I heard that the best way to do this is to use a steam cleaner. There was just one problem, I wasn't sure how to use one of those things! However, what I figured out is that it is actually quite easy but it will just take up some time. You can find a steam cleaner vacuum at either Sears, Bed Bath & Beyond or other stores that sell household appliances. They do not run cheap! They can range anywhere from $190-$600!

I recently bought one of my own and I think Hoover machines are the best. Hoover has been around for a while and I would consider it one of the best products I've come across yet.

I have had these two horrible stains on my carpet which i tried to get out with regular carpet cleaning products and noticed that it had only made the stain ten times worse. When all hope was gone of ever restoring my rug to what it should be I turned to the Hoover. All you do is lean the vacuum back so that it releases the chamber which holds the cleaning fluid and the area for water. Fill up the green tin or the smaller of the two with the special soap and fill up the larger section with warm water. Attempt to use water on the hotter side.

Before you go on and start steam cleaning your carpets you need to first move any furniture out of the way or to a more convinient spot so that you are not limited to your area due to furniture in your way. Vacuum the carpet prior to using the steam cleaner. Then begin your steaming journey!

Start from one end of the room and go back and fourth over one spot about three to four times. When going forward hold the handle down which you will be holding onto to help you steer the vacuum. Hold this handle down which lets out the soap. Hold it down when you go forward and back a couple of times and repeat this without holding the handle down afterwards on the same spot for a few minutes. Once you have done that you will see a cleaner, brighter carpet and you can move onto the next section. Continue this procedure until the whole room is finished or just the area you were looking to clean.

The carpet will be damp for the following day or so. You can walk on it but I advise wearing slippers throughout the house as you will get your socks wet and you definitely do not want to walk on it bare foot. The product is semi sticky. When the carpet is dry you should go over it with your everyday vacuum to pick up the left over stuff in the nooks and cranies.

I think that the Hoover steamer is a really good machine. I think it is one of the best and you should definently try to use this product yourself. It works wonders and got rid of those horrible stains which I thought I would never be rid of. You literally watch the stain disappear in front of your eyes. You will be amazed! I highly recommend it!

Resolve Carpet Cleaner and Stain Remover Review

This is probably the worst product I have ever used in my life! I do NOT recommend this unless you have previously used it and had successful results. I suggest before using this to test it on a small section of your rug that is not too visible therefore if it leaves a stain it will not be very noticeable.

As most directions instruct users to test out the product on a small part of your carpet before using it, I like many other people did not follow that direction. I have in the past with several carpet cleaners and found there to be no problems. This lead me to the assumption that if I did not have any problems with all the previous chemicals I've used why would I have a problem with this one. Well boy was I wrong!

Resolve comes out in two sections from the bottle at once. It is a small stream which does not nearly seem as though it could do the job and leaves you wanting and believing you need to squirt the whole stain. This is exactly what I did. I squirted Resolve all over the stains until they seemed wet and covered with the fluid. Then I took a sponge or a damn paper towl and rubbed it throughout the stain till it began to foam.

The foam was so intense that it was impossible to rid it all when attempting to pour water on it to rinse the spot off. It is confusing because a small stream of the liquid comes out but does not foam or anything that the directions say it will do to show the floor cleaner is working. Then when you put more on the stain in hopes of a better result you find yourself with the spot drenched in foam. It is nearly impossible to rid all of the stuff off the area. I know this because I attempted to rinse it and rub it with a sponge and paper towl for nearly an hour and when I began to think I did a good job, more foam became present.

Once I gave up and thought it would dry on its own I noticed a horrific stain accumulating in the area where I had used the Resolve. I believe that the product is called "carpet cleaner and stain remover" for a reason, but instead removing my 'small to medium' stain it actually enlarged it to a ridiculous size that was very noticeable and a very ugly yellow color.

I do NOT recommend using this product I do not think it works at all, it will leave you frustrated and angry that your once mildly stained carpet has become an ugly yellow attraction.

Where to buy it? If you are foolish enough to buy this product and choose to see for yourself or prove me wrong it can be found in most supermarkets, Big Lots and probably a 99 cent store.

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